Time and travel have been intertwined ever since Einstein came up with his theory of special relativity. So it comes as no surprise that luxury watch company Vacheron Constantin is celebrating its history with a travelling antique exhibition, ‘Elegance in Motion’, featuring 18 beautifully crafted timepieces from its heritage collection. The exhibition will be taking a journey through Asia from August to December 2016, with its most important stop at the Vacheron Constantin Studio City Macau Boutique from September 19 to October 19.

Visitors to the Macau exhibition will be able to marvel at an exclusive video shot by legendary photographer Steve McCurry, best known for his 1984 National Geographic magazine photograph ‘Afghan Girl’, which will be projected as a hologram as well as on three, huge video displays at Times Square at The Boulevard. McCurry’s Overseas Tour video provides a unique, breathtaking perpective on 12 of the world’s most exceptional cities: you haven’t truly explored until you look at the world through McCurry’s eyes. This complete, immersive, holographic experiece is exclusive only to Studio City in all of Macau.

Apart from the video, the main event is of course the watches. Step into the Vacheron Constantin boutique and you’ll discover the engineering, innovation and craftsmanship that has defined the brand since 1755. There are a few pieces worth paying particular attention to: the 1918 Corps of Engineers USA pocket watch, the Vacheron Constantin World Time pocket watch and the Vacheron Constantin 222.

vacheron constantin overseas collection elegance in motion travelling exhibition 2016 at studio city macau time square featuring exclusive hologram 1600 x 1100

1918 Corps of Engineers USA pocket watch

Back in 1918, the American Expeditionary Forces stationed in Bern, Switzerland ordered serveral thousands of these watches to assist them during their fight in World War I. The watches were ideal because they were sturdy enough to withstand the elements and the gruelling conditions of the battlefield. The numerals and hands were also coated with luminscent material to make sure the soldiers could tell the time at night.

vacheron constantin 1949 Model 4414 World Time pocket watch 600 x 600

Vacheron Constantin World Time Pocket Watch

For anyone touched by wanderlust circa 1949, the Vacheron Constantin World Time pocket watch, which shows the time in 41 cities around the world, was a must. The pocket watch was also stylishly encased in gold for a classic look that would stand the test of time.

vacheron constantin 222 luxury watch brand 600 x 600

Vacheron Constantin 222

The 222 was created in 1977 to celebrate the 222nd anniversary of the brand. It was heralded as one of the most important watches of its time because it reflected the modern, casual-luxury tastes of no-fuss, sporty men. It was also the inspiration for the famed Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch from 1996, recently revamped with a new 2016 version that was launched in a collaborative campaign with McCurry. The launch of new line of Overseas watches are also exclusive to Studio City Macau.

Plan your next trip to Studio City Macau now, so you don’t miss out on this chance to experience the exquisite pieces from Vacheron Constantin.

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