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Fashion can be overwhelming, what with all the different outfit requirements for various events, parties and occasions. But don’t let that bog you down or restrict you from claiming your personal style. The key to making a fashion statement is not by following the rules – it comes from your inner confidence.

The common perception is that you need daringly bold outfits – most likely out of your comfort zone – to catch people’s attention. To me, that’s really only half of the equation. The outfit you’re wearing should reflect your thoughts and who you are. You wear your clothes, not the other way around.

My personal style is unique to myself. I wear what feels comfortable to me on any given day. Some days I feel more colourful, some days I want to mix and match different textures and fabrics, and some days I want to keep it simple and sleek (see how Cindy wore one statement piece three ways). I aim to create outfits that are straightforward and comfortable, yet approachable and captivating.

style tips from cindy ko of fashion stylist in sunglasses and white tunic 600 x 600

Understanding the types of clothing that fits and feels best on your body is the most important aspect of style. You can then treat your body as a canvas to add accessories or change up fabrics and colours. For example, if you like wearing accessories, you can dress up ‘normal’ clothing with layered necklaces and bracelets. If you shy away from bold palettes, try adding a small pop of colour where you feel comfortable, like on shoes or a handbag. It’s all about finding something that you are comfortable with and then rocking it. It is not about following short-sighted fashion trends. See what Cindy has been rocking lately.

Your style should speak volumes about yourself even before you utter a word. It can come from just a single item, like a bold bag or a fun pair of shoes. Or, it can be expressed through a complete outfit. When creating a signature look, wear something that represents the best side of you. So, listen to yourself, and not those clacking sounds on the catwalk. As long as you feel happy and confident in what you’re wearing, you’ve already made a fashion statement – no validation needed.

style tips from cindy ko of fashion stylist in sunglasses and white tunic 600 x 600

Cindy Ko, also known as Cindiddy, is a stylist, fashion consultant, writer, model, and the founder of – a website dedicated to Ko’s work and direction in fashion.

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