Never trust a man in ill-fitting clothes. As the author Stephen King famously said, ‘The truth is in the details’, and that couldn’t ring truer when it comes to men’s suits. Everything from the cut and fit to the lapel and buttons can speak volumes about a man’s virtues. The men worth your time are those who take the time to dress and present themselves in the most stylish way possible. And the best of them go to Tom Ford to find the finest bespoke suits.

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On 24 and 25 October, the Tom Ford flagship store at Studio City, Macau, offers customers the chance to experience true luxury by letting them customise an exceptionally crafted Italian-made suit, with matching shirts, ties, waistcoats and shoes.

Each suit takes eight weeks to craft – and the process begins with the choice of fabric. Tom Ford’s wool fabrics are spun in England on 18th-century machines while its wool-silk and wool-cashmere blends are made in northern Italy. After fabric selection, up to 25 measurements are taken to create a pattern that reflects your unique proportions and posture: a skilled tailor knows how to accentuate flattering features and mask less desirable ones. From there, your suit is sent to one of three artisanal factories in Italy, located in Biella, Novara and Padova. A tailor or seamstress devotes nineteen hours of exceptional care to ensure the longevity of your timeless, classic suit. Pockets are hand sewn, lapel buttonholes are double-stitched to prevent unraveling, and the trouser leg is turned up with invisible buttons to allow for easy cleaning and care.

The payoff of a bespoke Italian Tom Ford suit is the effortless way it will hang on your body. It will become your second skin, a suit of armour to shield you from the relentless snickering and tongue-clucking of the fashion crowd. You’ll be immune to fickle trends. You’ll possess the charisma of James Bond and command an audience like Chow Yun-fat. You’ll be the epitome of grace and chivalry. Don’t miss your chance to get one.

The special bespoke offering is at Studio City, Macau from 24 Oct to 25 Oct

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