In recent years, South Korea has churned out a heap of influential fashion icons, but few have been making as much of an impact as elven-like pop singer Kim Ki-bum – more popularly known as Key – of boys-to-men quintet Shinee.

When not on stage, the 24-year-old can be found on fashion shoots or sat front row at Paris Fashion Week. With a look and that ‘It’ factor that legions of fashion aficionados, pop idol worshippers and art kids are drawn to, he embodies the restless angst of youth culture.

kim ki bum of shinee korean street fashion three looks 1600 x 1100

His ever-changing, chameleon-like style is a combination of punk, pop and princeling. And then there’s the situation with his hairstyles. It’s under constant renovation, often in various vibrant colours (he pulls off pink quite well) and cuts that oscillate between edgy and romantic.

Most importantly, he’s fearless with his outfit choices and incorporates captivating elements such as colourful prints, berets, wide-brimmed hats, neck scarves, shoelace belts, and exaggerated eyewear. He seamlessly combines high street and high fashion, finding that perfect middle ground that resonates with the masses. We are absolutely into it too and love checking out his Instagram to keep on top of his style.

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