Firstly, be a good guest. RSVP promptly and take note of the dress code. Check. Then start getting excited.


With T-minus four weeks to go, pencil in extra sessions with your personal trainer. Ensure your green tea/water intake is at optimum to flush out pesky toxins. Say no to sugar and cut back on salt (bye bye, bloat!). Facials are crucial as nothing can beat a perfect complexion. And as you know, the best parties will mean shoes-off tabletop dancing, so scribble in a manicure and pedicure. Lastly, make sure to book your blow-dry so that your coif, no matter how ‘I-just- woke-up-like- this’ it’s intended to look, is in tip-top shape.


Let’s reiterate: The dress code is ‘black tie’. This is not to be confused with ‘white tie’ (which is so much more OTT). Black tie translates to: absolutely sparkling, darling. This means no ball gowns, and absolutely no lycra mini dresses, please. Just fabulous, structured statement dresses with glittering accessories, show-stopping shoes and little clutch bags. Gorgeous.


What’s your game plan? Be yourself, firstly. Witty, intelligent conversation is a must. You don’t want to find yourself in conversation with a gorgeous megastar only to start drivelling about your allergies/the weather (snooze). Think up some clever conversation starters, and here’s a trick from the party circuit – make sure you’ve done some background research on the hosts and potential guests. But sssh, don’t tell anyone.


Be prepared for absolutely everything. A broken strap/zip/heel can be a party wrecker. Many a starlet has been caught short in their time, so buck this trend. In your tiny clutch, pack gum (Champagne can wreak havoc), double-sided tape (no accidental ‘slips’ of any sort will be excused), a safety pin, needle and thread, plasters (seven-inch heels hurt, just admit it), concealer for wayward makeup, and a lipstick/gloss for a pretty pout. Click here for our favourite makeup picks.

Now practise your pap-face and pose – it’s time to party.

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