Estelle is one of those rare artists who embody grace, swag, talent and vision – plus she’s stunning. She’s cool, respected and has done an impeccable job of traversing the often sticky entertainment industry without a speck of gossip or controversy.

Ever since she broke through in 2008 with the huge Grammy-winning hit ‘American Boy’ featuring Kanye West, the chanteuse has been hard to avoid, blowing up headlines and signing deals as an ambassador for various fashion brands. ‘I’ve collaborated with so many greats already, and I’d like to collaborate with Stevie Wonder next, given the opportunity,’ she says.

The 36-year-old has released four albums, the latest last year’s ‘True Romance’, featuring her well-received anthem ‘Conquerer’, which debuted in an episode of hit US TV show Empire.

Estelle’s career, however, did plateau for a little while before 2014, when she got an unlikely gig voicing the character Garnet – an anthropomorphic alien formed by the combined conscious manifestation of light between two same-sex (their gender is implied) sentient beings – in the cult popular cartoon Steven Universe. ‘Rebecca [Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe] is a fan of my music and called me to do the part based on a song I have called ‘Freak’,’ she says. ‘When it was released she loved it, watched [the video] and listened to it non-stop while creating Garnet.’ Estelle’s career was revitalised and she garnered a new legion of ComiCon fans who know all the lyrics to her theme song ‘Stronger Than You’. The series has also meant that Estelle has become a huge icon of, and champion for, the LGBTI community (read more about Hari Nef, the transgender model shaping youth culture and fashion).

Besides music and animation, Estelle is known for a flawless style that reflects her interest in fashion. Having released her own line of headwraps under her label Swaray, also her family name, she’s set to launch her new online retailer any day now. ‘My style can be characterised as future classic,’ she says. ‘I’m not a trend-of-the-moment girl; I wear what I like and oftentimes watch it become a trend. I would say Fendi is one of my favourite brands.’

Trendsetter, musician and progressive, Estelle emits an aura of cool. She guarantees that her performance at Pacha Macau on Saturday, 17 September will be a stellar one.

‘It’s going to be a fun show,’ she says. ‘I’m not a sit or standstill performer. I expect the crowd to join in and actually have some fun with me. So come ready to dance.’

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