As our lives become saturated with smartphones, tablets and other seemingly necessary electronic devices, the simple act of jotting down notes on paper can seem a little anachronistic. However, luxury writing instrument purveyor Montblanc has brought the art of penmanship into the digital age. The Swiss brand’s new Augmented Paper transports handwritten notes from paper to a mobile device with a single press of a button, bridging the gap between analogue and digital. With handwriting recognition for 12 different languages, including Chinese, English, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish, the Augmented Paper technology transforms notes into digital text for searching, editing and sharing. Particularly useful for business-oriented folks, it’s both practical and stylish, and ideal for anyone who still enjoys showcasing their handwriting and the reassuring feel of a pen in their hand.

mont blanc augmented paper campaign image 1600 x 1100

Housed within an elegant Italian leather case, the organiser features a notebook and a version of Montblanc’s signature Starwalker ballpoint pen adapted to be compatible with the technology. We love the romantic idea of jet-setting around the world like Hemmingway and jotting down our experiences like a scholarly nomad in our handsome Montblanc notebook (see our other top picks for travel essentials). Complete the look with a glass of bubbles for social media worthy image.

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