Ever since Miuccia Prada took the helm her eponymous fashion house, she’s made luxury accessible and has created some of the most important looks of the past few decades. Here are some we wish we could add to our wardrobes.

top 5 iconic prada milan collection looks featuring waterproof black nylon bag 1978 850 x 1100
The black nylon backpack

The black waterproof backpack was Miuccia Prada’s first real offering to the brand when she took over in 1978, and what a way it was to kick off her career. The backpack became her first big commercial hit, spawning hundreds of copycats and a worldwide trend for a more streetwise approach to accessories.

top 5 iconic prada milan collection looks featuring broken mirror evening dress SS99 catwalk 850 x 1100
The broken mirror evening dress

Fashion students will be studying the Prada SS99 catwalk show for years to come, and the most memorable piece from the extraordinary collection was an evening dress made of hundreds of broken mirrors. Prada contrasted soft and hard elements in a sporty, everyday-wearable way. It was unpretentious high fashion, the Italian fashion house’s signature.

top 5 iconic prada milano collection looks featuring turban 2007 runway 850 x 1100
The turban

Reviving a look that we thought had died with WWII, Prada made covering your hair with jewel-toned turbans fashionable once more in 2007. Showing how much clout the brand has, other labels including Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs soon followed suit, creating a wonderful get-out clause for all women having a bad hair day.

top 5 iconic prada milan collection looks featuring banana print skirt 2011 850 x 1100
The banana-print skirt

The fruity print proved a major hit with the fashion crowd in 2011, with even Anna Wintour swapping her tasteful florals for bananas—a previously comical fruit that suddenly got a major style injection thanks to Prada’s collection of well-cut yellow-and-black skirts.

top 5 iconic prada milan collection looks featuring flaming stiletto 2012 850 x 1100
The flaming stiletto

The 2012 flaming stiletto revved up the engines of any women with a shoe obsession. With shades of ‘Greased Lighting’, these flamboyant, eccentric stilettos won the hearts of celebrities and fashionistas alike with their tongue-in-cheek humour and leg-lengthening design.


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