Home is where the heart is, but that doesn’t mean you have to be confined by four walls when you have the world to explore. Making the world your home is Gucci’s mantra at Milan Fashion Week where Alessandro Michele is evoking some Hugh Hefner, bon viveur attitude in the form of decadent, exuberant silk bathrobes embroidered with combinations of Chinese, Japanese and Donald Duck motifs (see more of Alessandro Michele’s designs on the runway). Michele clearly believes in domestic chic – taking your pajamas from your living room straight to the city streets. Fendi echoes this sentiment for extravagant, luxury comfort with a more direct approach, sending a terry cloth bathrobe down the catwalk. A more striking look is the electric green, restroom mat, pimp coat paired with white silk ’jammies. The model – with his moistened hair – looks like he just walked out of the shower. For a less literal take, Jill Sander takes a sheened, minimalist suit with hidden buttons for a casual, easy-going vibe that flirts with the idea of having a boardroom meeting in the bedroom. As Coco Chanel said: ‘luxury must be comfortable or it isn’t luxury.’ That notion has been taken to the extreme and we have no complaints because,who doesn’t want to wake up and just head straight out of the house without worrying about what to wear?

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