It’s that time of the year again when you can let go of all your inhibitions and wear a costume that either emphasises your assets or reflects the extremities of your cleverness and wit.

However, if sex and humour don’t tickle your fancy this Halloween, we present some fashionable alternatives that will have you ready for the catwalk and all those spooky late-night shindigs fuelled by candy-coloured libations. Check out our Halloween style guide, inspired by the recent SS17 collections.

haute couture halloween costume ideas featuring chanel SS17 runway storm tropper look 850x1100
1. Tweed Troopers

Wear your best fashion uniform. Whether you wear Chanel tweed from head-to-toe or a Le Smoking suit from Saint Laurent, upgrade it with an interstellar twist à la Star Wars by wearing a robotic helmet, shin guards and matching gloves. Do not carry any fake firearms.

haute couture halloween costume ideas featuring maison margiela SS17 runway alien look 850x1100
2. Alien Invasion

Maison Margiela is looking to a future when utilitarian aliens with an efficient sense of fashion take over the world. Nothing says superior life form like a sharp, geometric bowl cut accentuated with elfin, crystal ears that act as telepathic antennas. It takes ‘ET phone home’ to a whole new level.

haute couture halloween costume ideas featuring fendi SS17 runway bee look 850x1100
3. Buzzing Beauty

An adorable bumblebee costume isn’t breaking any new ground, but a high-fashion one is. With the right shoes, trousers, jumper and furry vest, you can look like the buzzing queen of the party. Add an antennae headband to complete this Fendi look.

haute couture halloween costume ideas featuring kenzo SS17 michael jackson thriller look 850x1100
4. Thrilled to Death

Who better to honour this Halloween than the King of Pop? Kenzo has the right idea with a chic red jumpsuit and black top, both in nylon, that conjure up images of a zombie Michael Jackson in the ‘Thriller’ video. Add a little face paint for an undead effect. Find out more about our favourite fashion and music collaborations.

haute couture halloween costume ideas featuring ximon lee SS17 runway butcher look 850x1100
5. Butcher and Executioner

If you’ve ever walked through a wet market, you know not to mess with a man who knows how to disembowel a menagerie of animals with a swift swing of a cleaver. Ximon Lee’s latest catwalk showcases male models wearing stark white tarp aprons with the look of an obsessive-compulsive serial-killer butcher who has a knack for details. Human-meat dumplings, anyone?

haute couture halloween costume ideas featuring angel chan SS17 runway latin america day of the dead look 850x1100
6. Día de Muertos

The Day of the Dead is a popular holiday in Latin America. It’s a day to pay respect to the dead and to party in festive dresses with painted, skeletal faces. Angela Chen’s SS17 collection embodies the spirit of the holiday, and her coral-coloured ruffle dress with matching wide-brimmed hat mixes piñata fun with insane asylum patient for a scary, party-appropriate combo.


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