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Before Beyoncé rocked her black magic pigtails in the music video for Formation, braids were already making a big comeback.

We’re not talking about simple Brooklyn playground varieties or 1960s Chinese Revolution pigtails. This is high-fashion braiding from the future.

The modern trend for braids is a mash of styles that combine the aesthetics of street chic Calvin Klein fashionistas, women of East Asian imperial courts and intergalactic travellers. Think music artist FKA Twigs and her cybertronic, extra long braids that are tightly woven, left hanging or wrapped around her head in a serpentine shape. Notice that she also leaves a few strands of hair pressed against her face to form waves. Also take a look at pop star Katy Perry, whose taken Faye Wong’s grungy circa 1996 twisted-bun braids in the purple direction.

man braids hairstyle hair trend 600 x600

It’s even happening for men. You have Taeyang of Big Bang doing hip-hop style dreads with a futuristic twist while British pop group One Direction’s Harry Styles is going more romantic bun and braid combo.

Wherever you look, the cool kids are turning their hair into strands of art that are striking, irreverent and devastatingly captivating.

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