According to a study by California State University, men who wear suits most days are more successful and more attractive to women. And if that isn’t a reason enough to nip down to Dunhill or Tom Ford for one, we don’t know what is. But, should you go single or double-breasted? We argue it out.

man in single breasted suit sports jacket 600 x 600

The Single-Breasted Suit

So it’s not as unusual as its double-buttoned brother, but the single-breasted suit can be far more versatile when it comes to colour, pairings, patterns and cut, and that makes it a winner in our eyes. Trends this season include purple suits, pale grey suits, suits worn with polo shirts, and even brown suit jackets paired with blue suit trousers. Models are strutting down the catwalk wearing them with Hawaiian shirts, thin ties, fat ties and even in plaid or in loud, colourful prints. Can a double-breasted suit handle any of that without looking ridiculous? We think not.

Cut to the sports jacket, arguably the most adaptable and under-used item in your wardrobe. A well-fitted jacket can elevate any shirt and jeans combo you throw at it, and it always looks better single-breasted. We rest our case.

man in casual blue double breasted suit 600 x 600

The Double-Breasted Suit

There’s something a bit James Bond about a double-breasted suit – probably because it takes confidence to pull it off – and good old JB wasn’t lacking in that department. And while we’re not suggesting you wear it all the time, there’s nothing better for days when you want to get noticed. If you’re a man on the leaner side, you have an advantage wearing a double-breasted jacket because it can accentuate the lines of your body.

So you know you want one, but how do you wear it? Well, there are a few rules to bear in mind to looking like a stylish young professional rather than an ageing Latin lothario. Firstly, buttons. Keep buttons fastened until you sit down because, well, double-breasted suits look better done up. Many guides to style advise leaving the bottom button undone to give you an extra swish when you walk, but that’s completely up to you. A double-breasted suit can look polished, clean and impeccably structured when buttoned up. Secondly, patterns. A double-breasted jacket is a statement in itself, so there’s no need for a thick pinstripe, otherwise people will think you’re begging for attention. And James Bond would never do that.

man in casual blue double breasted suit 600 x 600
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