The difference between women who wear loose, print dresses and those who prefer bodycon in all its hourglass glory is often seen as a divide of epic proportions. It’s muddy-booted women wearing flower crowns at Glastonbury versus Champagne sippers at Shanghai or Hong Kong’s VIP clubs. But really, the choice between the two philosophies is how it suits your body. Let us help you make the right choice.

ethereal beauty floral maxi dress 600 x 600

Let Loose

What’s not to love about the loose, flowy trend? You can lie comfortably on an expansive field of wildflowers with a matching floral dress. You can go for a bike ride looking like you’re floating through the air without flashing your knickers. And most importantly, you can relegate Spanx to the back of your closet. However, after a decade of skinny jeans and Hervé Leger bandage dresses, bulking up on fabric can be somewhat daunting. So remember: the key to looking fabulous rather than frumpy is in balancing proportions. If you’ve gone for a romantic, airy Fendi design, then wear it with a pair of heels for extra height and to show off your ankles. If you’ve opted for a long, loose self-portrait number, make sure your shoulders are defined and showing to get that A-shaped silhouette.

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Tight squeeze

Put on a few kilos this year? Suddenly that Roberto Cavalli maxi dress looks a lot more tempting than the tight Roland Mouret one. But the cruel reality about the ethereal trend is that it looks best on people who are, well… undersized. Think about it, Li Bingbing and Angelababy look incredible in a voluminous dress. Kim Kardashian, not so much. And that’s because tight clothes are paradoxically much more flattering. They show off a small waist and celebrate bigger busts and hips, rather than seeking to hide them. Think Scarlett Johannson in Atelier Versace at the Oscars and be converted for life. But remember the golden rule: a dress can be tight, short or low-cut, but never all three at once. And what’s the classiest way to wear a figure hugging number this season? With flat shoes.

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