vacheron constantin windowpane-pattern watch
Sartorial Prince

Make your man feel like royalty this holiday with this luxurious, understated watch by Vacheron Constantin. The watch’s old-school British charm and bronze colour scheme give it a warm, comfortable feel that will nicely complement a glass of mulled wine.

$456,000, Windowpane-pattern watch by Vacheron Constantin, Shop 1047, The Boulevard at Studio City, (853) 2885 2256

bvlgari man black pouch set by bulgari perfume by alberto morillas
Man in Black

Expert perfumer Alberto Morillas has created a magnetic, seductive, masculine scent for Bvlgari Man in Black. The man who receives this gift is going to feel his inner sexy beast this Christmas: we suspect that after a few sprays of this bold musk he’ll strip down and lie on a bear rug in front of a fireplace just like Burt Reynolds.

MOP890, Bvlgari Man Black Pouch Set by Bvlgari Man, available at T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Shop 1121, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 8590 0968

givenchy rider backpack in red
Moto Man

For men who need to look cool while making a swift getaway, Givenchy’s new Rider Backpack offers storage, style and the ergonomic support needed to live dangerously on a motorcycle. If you’re stuck at an insufferable family gathering, just grab this bag and go.

MOP13,500, Rider Backpack by Givenchy, Shop 1021, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2885 2330

emporio armani green suede jacket
Going Wilde

If Oscar Wilde were with us today, we’d suspect that this jacket would be his top choice for a decadent Christmas party. It’s very rare to see a men’s suede jacket in such a lustrous, deep, verdant green, while the black leather diamond cut outs add just the right amount of flamboyance without going over the top. This is how to be bold but not tacky.

MOP17,000, Suede Jacket by Emporio Armani, Shop 1151, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2884 4033

ermenegildo zegna black lamb leather gloves
Fits Like a Glove

Nobody likes to be caressed by cold hands, so keep them warm this winter with a luxurious pair of black lamb-leather gloves by Ermenegildo Zegna. Then enjoy some eggnog and get frisky.

MOP4,800, Gloves by Ermenegildo Zegna, Shop 1007, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2885 2599

montblanc augmented paper notebook
Digital Paper

Luxury writing-instrument purveyor Montblanc has brought the art of penmanship into the digital age. The brand’s new Augmented Paper transports handwritten notes from paper to mobile device with a single press of a button, bridging the gap between analogue and digital. We love the romantic idea of jet-setting around the world during a holiday vacation like Hemmingway, and jotting down our experiences like a scholarly nomad in our handsome Montblanc notebook. Complete the look with a glass of bubbles for a social media-worthy image.

MOP5,400, Augmented Paper by Montblanc, Shop 1076, The Boulevard at Studio City, (853) 2885 2352

montblanc urban spirit bracelet
Lifting Your Spirit

Man jewellery has never been so popular; these days, if you’re a man of style, it’s essential to have a little bit of understated arm candy with an enlightened back story. Such as: ‘I’m wearing this Urban Spirit Bracelet by Montblanc because 10 nights of solitude in the desert really helped me find the meaning of life.’ Or you can just get one for your special someone because it’s a nice, sensible gift.

MOP2,470, Urban Spirit Bracelet by Montblanc, Shop 1076, The Boulevard at Studio City, (853) 2885 2352

rimowa matt carmona red multiwheel 32-litre capacity
Festive Travels

Before you head off on your holiday travels you’re going to need a sturdy, reliable, handsome case to hold all your essentials. The Rimowa Cabin Multiwheel has a 32-litre capacity, and offers an extra-festive vibe with its Matt Carmona Red colour.

Matt Carmona Red Multiwheel by Rimowa, Shop 1083, The Boulevard at Studio City, (853) 2885 2789

saint laurent dino keychain in green metallic leather
Holy T.rex

Here’s something for that special little guy who can’t stop dreaming about a world of dinosaurs. Get him this punk green-metallic Dino Keychain by Saint Laurent, which marries the fantasy of our extinct friends with cheeky, fresh style.

MOP1,550, Dino Keychain in Green Metallic Leather by Saint Laurent, Shop 1055, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2885 2559

saint laurent rainbow patch key ring coin pouch
Rainbow Power

If you have a teen at home who’s into indie music and festival vibes, get him this glittery Rainbow Patch Coin Pouch by Saint Laurent: a trippy, fun, stylish accessory.

MOP2,750 Rainbow Patch Key Ring Coin Pouch by Saint Laurent, Shop 1055, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2885 2559

hugo boss olive overcoat
Facing the Elements

Cold weather is coming, so warm your man up with a sleek, understated olive overcoat from Hugo Boss that will go nicely draped over a suit. Learn how to style it here .

MOP11,900, Overcoat by Hugo Boss, Shop 1161, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2885 2708

bottega veneta woven briefcase
Just in Case

Get him a gift he can use confidently the next time he heads to work. This beautifully woven briefcase by Bottega Veneta is sure to impress colleagues and clients.

Briefcase by Bottega Veneta, Shop 1051, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2884 5171

gucci gg supreme suitcase with tigrotti print
Tiger Travel

Harness the power of the tiger with this striking statement suitcase by Gucci. As the Chinese proverb goes, ‘Riding a tiger is difficult’, so just buy one instead – easy.

MOP21,000, GG Supreme Suitcase with Tigrotti Print by Gucci, Shop 1025, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2884 4008

gucci major high top trainers in ardenia fabric
Bloom in the Gloom

There’s nothing like a splash of colourful floral print to fight the gloom of winter. This punchy pair of high-tops by Gucci are super-street chic and will add a happy hop to your skip. We know we’d like to get them as a gift.

Major High Top Trainers in Gardenia Fabric by Gucci, Shop 1025, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2884 4008

ermenegildo zegna cufflinks
On the Cuff

He’s going to need a pair of cufflinks to go with that tuxedo he’ll be wearing to all of those fancy holiday parties. Get him this classy, architectural pair with textured detailing from Ermenegildo Zegna.

MOP4,500, Cufflinks by Ermenegildo Zegna, Shop 1007, The Boulevard at Studio City, Macau, (853) 2885 2599


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