Creams, serums and exfoliants might be de rigueur in a woman’s skincare regime, but you should remember, when trying to achieve radiant and supple skin, that beauty comes from within. Slather on all the product you want, but the mantra ‘you are what you eat’ still holds. In that spirit of nutritional awareness, we’ve rounded up the most important vitamins to apply and consume if you want to achieve clear, healthy, glowing skin.


Vitamin C

When it comes to anti ageing, vitamin C is king. Not only does it combat free radicals, which cause skin wrinkling and sagging, vitamin C also eradicates dark spots and gives you a smooth, firm complexion. Found in citrus fruits and leafy greens, vitamin C is also a prominent ingredient in many moisturisers.


Vitamin E

Famed for its protective properties, vitamin E is potent in its ability to retain skin’s natural moisture and reduce inflammation after sun exposure. Stock up on nuts, seeds and avocados to keep your vitamin E levels high, and increase your skin protection with a vitamin E sunscreen.


Vitamin K

Who needs the fountain of youth when you have vitamin K? The miracle working vitamin is known for taking years off your eyes, lightening under eye circles to give you bright, youthful peepers. Eat plenty of kale and other green vegetables for a hit of vitamin K, and look out for retinol eye creams that contain the rejuvenating ingredient.

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