Trend hotness rating: 6/10

Transient. Trainhopper. Gypsy. These are just a few of the groups who seem to have inspired this season’s hobo-chic aesthetic. Modern women don’t pay mind to blasé ideas of restraint and constraint, and the preference for adventure and exploration is all over the catwalks of the likes of Prada, Fendi and Valentino – with a furry, vagabond twist.

prada fur coat aw16/17 fashion trends 1600 x 1100

Prada plays with a mix of intriguing prints, textures and materials punctuated by fierce laced-up boots, corsets, sailor hats, and coats with fur trim and sleeves. It may seem like a mix of random elements, but Prada brings it together into a gorgeously balanced feast for the eyes.

So does Fendi, but with generous helpings of youthful, 70s exuberance and hints of Slavic glamour. And, of course, fur. Fendi has a fur atelier dedicated to animal skin couture. If you’re looking for a fashion-forward hippie look, then Fendi has what you need with floral motifs on fur.

valentino fur coat aw16/17 fashion trends 1600 x 1100

Meanwhile, Valentino has gone for something we like to call ‘pimp and gypsy fusion’. With long ethereal dresses in washed out colours and long fur coats accented with folk jewellery, the Italian fashion house’s new woman-on-the-go really looks like she doesn’t give a damn.

That’s hardly a bad thing, though. After all, it is very much the spirit of the season.

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