Diamond cuts are the kind of thing most women know about implicitly, while men stay entirely ignorant of them until the day they decide to get down on one knee and a jeweller starts asking terrifying questions about ‘princess’ versus ‘cushion’ cuts. But while most of us have heard about emerald, oval or round cuts, leading brands such as Tiffany & Co and Graff have noticed some more unusual shapes, ones that even the most jewellery-obsessed of women may not know of yet. Here’s our guide to the top three alternative diamond cuts that are gaining in popularity.

graff radiant diamond cut 600 x 600

The radiant cut

First debuted in the 1970s, radiant cut diamonds bring a little bit of everything to the table: the old-world glamour of an emerald cut and the dazzle of a round diamond. A radiant cut has trimmed corners and around 70 facets to bring plenty of glitter to your finger. You can also choose between a rectangular or square shape, depending on your stone and setting.

van cleef and arpels marquise diamond cut 600 x 600

The marquise cut

The marquise shape was created at the request of King Louis XIV, who wanted a stone that captured the sultry smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. If your smile is equally beguiling, this could be a good option. The marquise is a lengthened shape with sharp ends that is cut to exploit its carat weight. Marquise diamonds work particularly well as a central stone in a diamond engagement ring, or as an accent stone in diamond jewellery.

tiffany and co pear diamond cut 600 x 600

The pear cut

The pear cut is also known as a teardrop. And while we’re sure that weeping is not what you’re hoping to be as a symbol of marriage, it really is rather pretty. Like a pear (or a tear), it has a single point at the top and a rounded end. In other words, it’s a brilliant cut diamond that blends the shape of an oval diamond and a marquise diamond. Ideal for those of us who are terrible at making decisions. See our story featuring one of the world’s largest pear cut diamond here.

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