For years leading menswear designers have been reinventing and redefining the way men dress, leaving behind old fashioned restrictions. Innovative brands such as Gucci, Kenzo and Balmain have all been a part of this new movement in menswear, continuously focusing on a unique approach to style.

From embroidery to hot pink, this season is all about daring to be different and standing out from the crowd in the most stylish way.

daring men's fashion trends featuring hot pink floral suit
Real Men Wear Pink

Get rid of any gender associations that colours have for you. Only basic people think that pink diminishes a man’s masculinity. On the contrary, these days you see lots of male celebs wearing the cotton candy colour, including Pharell Williams, Jared Leto, Zheng Kai and Lu Han. Brands such as Kenzo, Moschino and Gucci have incorporated pink in the form of hoodies, suits and embroidered bombers to brighten up the catwalk. Wear a pink statement top and offset it with a pair of simple jeans or black trousers for a bubblegum punk look.

daring men's fashion trends featuring gold metallic coat
Manic for Metallic

We’ve seen the metallic trend in womenswear for seasons, but now menswear is getting equally flashy and reflective. Calvin Klein and Versace have given sleek, shiny updates to big down jackets, Sherpa jackets and long coats. If you wear metallic, you’ll never have to put reflectors on your bike again, nor will you have to fear being lost or stranded: someone is bound to see you.

daring men's fashion trends featuring purple luxury loungewear

This season you can feel like you’re in the comfort of your home while looking stylish on the streets. Brands such as Gucci and Roberto Cavalli have designed extravagant, flamboyant bathrobes for guys going for that bon viveur lifestyle, while Fendi has taken a literal approach with robes that look like they were made from bath mats. Fellas, get cosy but not lazy with your fashion.

daring men's fashion trends featuring polka dot silk scarf

Romance and dandyism are in this season, so guys with a sense of emotional awareness are going to benefit. The best way to show your softer side is to tie a short, patterned silk scarf around your neck into a bow or a pair of tiny wings, similar to the boys walking the catwalk at Gucci. Or wear a glittery scarf with one side hanging low, like the models at Saint Laurent. Scarves are a quick and easy way to glam up an outfit.

daring men's fashion trends featuring gold embroidered jacket

Don’t worry about looking like your grandma. Balmain’s artistic, detailed gold embroidered jackets make the modern gent look super decadent and edgy. Over at Gucci we see floral patterned embroidery and patchwork on bomber jackets, while Saint Laurent goes for a more updated upholstered look. It’s time for men to go for a maximalist approach to reach their maximum style potential: go bold or become irrelevant.


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